For the driver who dreams of owning his or her own business, becoming an owner-operator can pave the way to building equity. But getting started can be very difficult.


Boyd Grain is launching a new lease-to-purchase program in order to create win-win situations.


It's no secret that we need more great drivers, and you need our buying power and financial support to get started. We've seen too many drivers get ripped off over the years by lease-financing companies that set them up for failure.


Boyd Grain wants you to succeed and be our long-term partner. Call Logan or Linda at 800-999-2693 for a transparent explanation. It requires a $6,000 security deposit and is not for everybody, but for the driver who wants more than a weekly paycheck, we can talk about ways to reach your goals.

Lease-to-Own Highlights

"More than a Paycheck"

You can own this truck!!!

Contact us today so we can discuss your Lease-to-Purchase options. Click here for our contact details.

August 1, 2021


A $6,000 Security Deposit is required.


Payments will be determined using 6% interest on a 42-month loan.


Lessor collects a maintenance protection factor of 3 cents per mile.


Balloon payment 25% of current value at the end but the Lessee’s protection factor account and security deposit will be applied toward that final payment.


Lessee can walk away at any point but security deposit is non-refundable.  The accumulation of the protection factor will be used to bring truck to trade terms and fix damages and mechanical issues.  The remainder will be returned to Lessee.


Lessee is treated as an Owner Operator during term of lease.


Default on truck payment by over 30 days will result in lease termination.


Consulting an accountant about forming an LLC for tax reasons is required.


Have to be a company driver for a minimum of 6 months.


Lease truck options won’t always be available.


83% of revenue as an owner op.  Boyd’s passes on 100% of fuel-pump discounts as well as FSC.


Employee health insurance or unemployment no longer apply during lease.


Boyd Grain Lease-to-Purchase

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